Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Area 431?

A Place to Create, Share, and Explore

The Makerspace is located in the back corner of the library and is filled with items that are free for the public to use! We ask that you sign in and clean up after yourself. The Makerspace is open when the library is open, but closes 1/2 hour before the building closes, so plan accordingly. Additional items, including tools and art supplies, are available for use, but all projects must be completed in the Makerspace. View our Tools & Supplies page to see everything that we have available. 

How old do I have to be to use the Makerspace? 

Everyone is welcome to use the Makerspace. If you are under age 11, adult supervision is required. 


Why do I need to sign in?

We ask that you sign in with your first name and write down what you're using so that we can keep track of how many people use the space and what is popular. This helps the library keep the supplies stocked for everyone to use! 


What equipment do I need training for?

The following equipment requires training: 

  • 3D printer

  • Sewing machine

  • Cricut

  • Big Shot Sizzix die cut machine

  • Accuquilt

  • Craft oven

  • Conversion equipment

  • Button maker


How do I get the training? 

Contact the Makerspace Librarian, Sarah French, to book a training appointment. Need a refresher or have other questions? She is happy to meet with you one-on-one! Email her at or call 262-458-2782.


How much do things cost? 

Most things are available to use for free, however there are some costs (listed below)

  • 3D Printer: first print free then 20 cents per gram. 

  • Laminator: 15 cents per pouch

  • Button maker: first button free then 10 cents per button

  • Minc machine: 50 cents per 4" x 4" square of foil

Conversion services are free if you do them yourself (training required). However, full service is available for $18 for the first hour + $9 per subsequent half-hour. Contact Sarah for more information and/or a quote. 

We also have storage devices available for purchase: 

  • SD Cards: $8 each

  • USB drives: $3 each

  • Blank CDs or DVDs: $5 each

Can I reserve equipment? 

Yes, you can reserve equipment in two-hour increments. Ask any staff member, call 262-473-0530 or email Sarah to reserve equipment. 


Do you have any special programs or events? 

Yes, we often run library programs related to creating, making, technology, STEAM, and more. Visit the library's Events page to see what programs are coming up! Our programs are usually held in the Community Room. 


Do you take donations? 

We do accept and appreciate donations. However, we cannot accept everything due to limited storage space. Please contact Sarah at 262-458-2782 or if you have a donation for us. NOTE THAT DONATIONS ARE CURRENTLY PAUSED DUE TO THE UPCOMING BUILDING PROJECT. 


Do you have a Makerspace policy?

Yes, click here to view our full board-approved policy. 


Questions, comments, or suggestions? 

We are always happy to hear feedback about the Makerspace and answer any other questions you may have. Feel free to contact Sarah French, Programming & Makerspace Librarian. You can reach her directly at 262-458-2782 or at