We have Memory Kits available for checkout. The items in these kits have been selected to spark memories, create positive feelings, and increase meaningful activity in people living with dementia, Alzheimer's disease, MCI, or other forms of memory loss. Kits check out for 3 weeks and may be renewed one time. They must be picked up and returned at the Whitewater library. You may place a hold on these items by clicking on the links below.

Financial Affairs
Contains money bag, faux bills and coins, calculator, checkbook including checks, register, and deposit slips, coin counter, abacus, envelopes for bills and deposits, and ledger paper.

Contains color wheel puzzle, straws with felt discs, endless puzzle, building sticks, wooden beads and cord.

Contains Spot It! game, Find It! tube, playing cards, card holder, stacking chairs game, and scoring beads.

Contains pin cushion with pins and needles, button jar with buttons, hem gauge, seam rippper, fabric scissors, measuring tape, diamond pattern, heart pattern, thread, trims, and fasteners.

Contains protective tarp, artificial soil in airtight container, metal planter, clay pot, three planting tools, faux seeds in packet, four succulents, three plant decorations.

Contains shopping list, cookbook, towel, dish scrubber, wooden spoons, spatula, mixing bowls, measuring cups, measuring spoons, flour sifter, scent sticks.