Home Delivery Services

A free service for people who cannot visit the Library

Who is eligible?

Any City of Whitewater resident who is temporarily or permanently unable to visit the library due to disability or health problems.  In addition, senior citizens who are unable to drive may qualify.

How do I sign up?

Contact the Irvin L. Young Memorial Library and ask to speak to the Home Delivery Program Coordinator.  You will be mailed an application and will most likely be able to join for the next delivery Thursday.

Would someone with dementia qualify?

Absolutely! Many people with dementia find comfort in reading, listening to music, or watching movies.

May I sign up someone else?

Of course! Many people request this service on behalf of their family members or friends.  As long as they are eligible, they may join!

What if I only need delivery for a short time?

That's fine! Many people use this service following planned surgery or an unexpected injury.  We can start the service when it's needed and end it when it is no longer needed.

Do I need to have a library card?

No.  We will sign you up for a library card when you apply for the program.

What can I borrow?

Nearly anything the Library owns: books, including large print books or audio books for listening; magazines; movies on DVD; and music on CD.

How many things can I have?

You may have up to 30 items at a time, in any combination.

How often do I get things?

Ten times a year, always on a Thursday, which works out to approximately every five weeks.

How long can I keep things?

You get to keep your items from one delivery Thursday to the next, which is about five weeks.

Is it really free?

Yes, it is really free!  Fees are only charged for lost or damaged items.