We have family adventure kits available for checkout! You may place a hold on these items by clicking on the links below. Kits check out for 1 week and must be picked up and returned at the Whitewater library. These kits are located in the Children's area next to the Awe computer.

Bird Watching
Age 5 and up. Contains binoculars, bird scavenger hunt, and birds of the midwest book in a backpack.

Age 5 and up. Contains GPS and cold cache booklet in a backpack.

Ice Age Trail Explorer Pack
Age 5 and up. Contains 3 trail maps, wildlife scavenger hunt, trail snack recipes, compass, specimen case, clipboard, tweezers, magnifying glass, manual flashlight, binoculars, and more in a backpack. 

Night Sky Spying Telescope
Age 5 and up. Contains telescope with accessories, night sky chart, and moon map in a backpack.

Whitewater Effigy Mounds
Activity guide and information about the Mounds preserve.