Teacher Packs

Teacher packs are materials put together by the Youth Educational Services Librarian for area educators.  Educators include teachers, homeschool providers, and childcare providers.


  1. The Youth Educational Services Librarian will select up to 20 age appropriate materials by subject.
  2. We cannot guarantee specific title requests or a certain amount of titles per subject due to seasonal demand.
  3. We can place holds on materials.
  4. All materials in packs are subject to the library’s borrowing policy.  The Library does not charge overdue fines on materials.
  5. Loss and/or damage of library materials is the responsibility of the borrower i.e. the teacher, homeschool provider or childcare provider.
  6. We require two weeks’ notice for requests.
  7. You will be contacted once your pack is complete.  You will have 7 days to pick it up.  
  8. Please be as specific as possible with requests when filling out the online form.


Teachers can allow students to remove these items from their classroom at their discretion.  The teacher is still responsible for lost or damaged items.


The Library will bill for replacement costs for any items that have not been returned more than 30 days past the final overdue notice.


Fill out this form to request a teacher pack.